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Peace issues today
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23.08.2009 - 18:12: Labour Solidarity | Quote Quote

Your help is more urgently needed than ever at Ruby Ridge

Ruby Ridge Dairy gives "under the gun" a new meaning

Wednesday, we asked for your help to get the jobs back for the four workers who were fired at Ruby Ridge dairy. Ruby Ridge's response? Fire four more workers. Since workers approached the dairy seeking UFW representation, the dairy has fired 20% of their workforce.

Even worse, workers lives' might be in danger. Workers report that Dick Bengen is now threatening workers with his gun. One Ruby Ridge worker said; "in reality we're all scared to risk our lives because Dick will shoot us with his weapon."

Remember, all this comes after workers have complained about working ten to fourteen hours and not getting paid for all their work and not being allowed to take their rest and lunch breaks.

Your email is urgently needed to tell the Bengens that their actions are profoundly wrong and will not be tolerated.

To support these workers go to: ign/rr82109

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