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27.07.2009 - 21:27: Egalitarian Economics Education - Call for Interest | Quote Quote

Ahoy Comrades!

At the Emma Goldman Finishing School, we often hear folks express
curiosity about our attempt at an egalitarian economic system and the ins
and outs of the larger Federation of Egalitarian Communities of which
we're part, but we haven't yet found ways to share this info in a super
organized way (check out and for
more info). As part of our efforts to strengthen our own practices as a
collective, support the efforts of other local collectives to work in ways
consistent with their values, and help to deepen broader movements for a
healthier world, we'd like to share our economic model with interested

We're also very aware that Emmas' shot at egalitarian economics is not
the only way to challenge the assumptions and culture of a capitalist
economy! We're continually trying to learn about how to make our own
system better reflect our values and the world we want to live in.
Although we're very interested to meet and share ideas with individuals
who share our values or are curious to learn more about what Emma's is all
about, we're especially interested to collaborate and learn about models
and practices used by other local collectives, communities, and
organizations (housing or not). And, we'd love to hear other folks' ideas
about how local work grounded in commitments to democratic participation,
collective ownership or stewardship, social and economic justice, and
ecological sustainability can contribute to our broader visions and hopes
to create for a healthier world.

To these ends, we hope to organize a small-scale series of workshops this
fall focused on egalitarian economics at Emmas and other small and
larger-scale economic alternatives that challenge the values, culture, and
logic of captialism. We're actively seeking input from folks about content
and format, as well as taking a pulse of the general level of interest.

We're open to conversations and workshops on a wide range of topics, but
in our brainstorming among members at Emmas, interest has been expressed
in exploring the following topics, including but not limited to: broad
visions/models of alternatives to capitalism; the economic system at the
Emma Goldman Finishing School and within the Federation of Egalitarian
Communities; economic systems/models used by other Seattle-area
collectives; working together to generate ideas to strengthen various
local practices that challenge capitalist values.

Although the workshops will not take place until later this fall, we're
actively seeking input about what kinds of topics would be of most
interest to folks who hope to participate.

Our questions for you are:

1. Would you be interested to participate in a series of workshops about
egalitarian economics at Emmas and in the FEC and about broader
alternatives to capitalism?

2. Are there topics you think would really benefit your work or the work
of local collectives that you think we should focus on?

3. Are there resources you can point us to (films, books, articles,
websites, organizations you know of or are part of) that you think will
help us organize this series?

4. What kind of workshop format would work best for you (Weekly? Every
other week? Monthly? How many workshops? Conversation focused?
Storytelling? Info sharing? Films? Reading and discussion?)

Please feel free to email Tamara at if you have an interest
in being in conversation with us about this effort. And don't be shy about
passing this email along to folks you think might be interested! We really hope
to hear from you soon!

Solidarity up! Capitalism down!
(on behalf of the Emma Goldman Finishing School)

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